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The 3rd Annual Rainbow Book Fair will be held March 26th at the LGBT Center here in New York. This event gets bigger and better every year. Jeff and I are definately looking forward to it.

This October the very first Gay Rom Lit Retreat will be held in New Orleans. Though registration isn’t open quite yet, Jeff and I have made preliminary plans to head down South for what looks to be a phenomenal gathering of m/m authors and readers.

I recently discovered Joe Kenney’s Glorious Trash, a blog where he lovingly reviews old, trashy genre fiction. My literary wish list has grown considerably thanks to him. I especially like his post My letter from Gar Wilson, in which he recounts writing a fan letter to his favorite action/adventure author and the thoughtful personalized answer he received.

Jeff and I are fans of author T.A. Chase (see Jeff’s review of A Tabloid Love here) and she recently started a new “blog story” at her site. Every Tues. & Thurs. she’ll post an installment of her new contemporary m/m romance Cafe on the Corner. It looks like it’ll be a good one!

On a related note, would anyone be interested in something similar here at Jeff and Will? Would you enjoy a serialized story like what T.A. Chase is doing, or would posts like that bore you to tears? I’ve been toying with the idea for a while and wanted to gage people’s interest.