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This is what I’ve been reading so far in 2011. I’m not what you’d call a speed reader (I generally finish about two books a month) so I’m pretty floored that I read this much in January.

Jeff has already blogged about Apolo Ohno’s Zero Regrets (It’s great read and something I’d classify as inspirational memoir) and I’ve mentioned before how much I loved The Golden Age of Gay Fiction (Seriously, I really, really LOVED it!).

The workout program Jeff and I recently started is from The 4 Hour Body.

As research for an upcoming submission call (Isn’t it great that reading qualifies as research?) I picked up a few titles from the Slocum and Gunsmith western series. Though I’m pretty sure I’m not the target demographic for these stories, they are such a blast to read that I’ve already begun to collect them! While poking around online, I learned that the author of The Gunsmith series is Robert Randisi (writing as J.R. Roberts). This guy is one of the last remaining pulp writers and he is prolific to say the least. In The Gunsmith series alone he has written every one of the 350+ titles as well as dozens of other series and detective novels. He is my new hero.