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The Tigers have played three games so far in 2011 and won none of them–its become a losing streak. Last night we lost 7-2 to the Great Whites, the team that shut us out during our first game of ’11.

It was a lot like the game two weeks ago against the Billymarks. There was a very short span of time where the score got out of control. In the first and second period there was only one goal scored. In the third, five more were scored against us. Thankfully in the third we were able to put up two to avoid a second shut out against this team.

Once again we played decent and had several offensive pushes, but the Great Whites goalie kept them out of the net. Meanwhile, their offense came at us strong. They got some good breakaways on us and they had some skaters who could get by everyone. The goal though that annoyed me the most was their first. On my initial stand in the neutral zone the puck carrier got by me and even though I caught up to him and was on his body and grappling with his stick and had mine on the puck a couple of times. I couldn’t fully get the puck off of him and despite us being nearly tangles up, he still got the shot off and by the goalie.

Despite it all though–we played well, we didn’t give up and we had fun (at least I feel like everyone had fun).

We’re now 4-8 for the season with four games left in the season. We need to have a surge if we’re going to make playoffs since right now we’re in sixth place out of seven teams (and that’s before last night’s rankings so it’s unclear how that’s changed). Only top four make playoffs and in the current rankings we’re 3 points out from fourth. It’s doable but we’ve got strong foes left with two Scapgoats games, a Sled Dogs game and a Hot Shots game (those teams are #1, #2 and #4 respecitiely)