12193623_917301271674041_2097086358199775016_nIn the most recent episode of The Big Gay Fiction Podcast, Jeff and I talked about books we’ve been reading, fan letters, celebrities coming out and the TV movie Hollywood Wives.

We also answered the Question of the Week: What are your favorite romance tropes, and why?

I can’t resist a good homecoming story paired with the classic reunion/second chance at love trope. These tropes usually play out with one character returning to his small hometown (usually after trying to make in the “Big City”) and bumping into an old acquaintance/childhood crush and the sparks start flying! I’ll read just about any story with this scenario. I suppose I respond so strongly to this type of story because it’s just human nature to wonder “What If” and homecoming stories usually give the characters a chance to revisit past choices and find that their hearts desire was in front of them all along.

How about you? Is there a gay romance trope that you just can’t resist?

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