12193623_917301271674041_2097086358199775016_nSo that headline is my rather lame attempt to be fancy/funny/irreverent concerning this week’s question from episode 19 0f The Big Gay Fiction Podcast, “Does who publishes a book affect your purchase decision?”

Generally, as a reader and avid book purchaser, the publisher of a book is pretty low on my list when I’m making my decision on wether or not to buy a specific title. The marketing stuff (cover, blurb) gets my attention first, and if I already know and like the author I’ll definitely give their newest title a looky-loo. Price is my final consideration before making my choice. If I’m on the fence about any of the above criteria, then the publisher and my experience with the quality of their past titles can play a factor.

How about you? Do you really care who publishes your favorite books? Does who publishes a book affect your purchase decision?

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