On December 1st, Jeff and I reveal the cover for The Hockey Player’s Heart, the book we co-wrote, on Love Bytes Reviews. There’ll be a giveaway for people to take advantage of as well. We jointly review A Home for the Holidays by Joe Cosentino and narrated by Joel Leslie. I review Santa’s Naughty Helper by Ari McKay and Up for the Challenge by Devon McCormack and Riley HartJeff discusses, Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman as well as Wait for Me by Kris Jacen.

We sit down with Devon and Riley in an interview that was recorded at October’s GayRomLit retreat. Devon and Riley talk about how they started writing together, what’s coming up next year and much more. There’s a bonus reel with even more from the interview.

All this and more can be found at BigGayFictionPodcast.com!