We start this week’s episode with a shout out to the Pride Month programming from our friends at the Regency romance podcast Tea & Strumpets. Jeff unveils our new partnership with audiobook retailer Libro.fm.

We talk about TV and movies we’ve been watching, including Prideland from PBS Voices, Mélange from Logo and the Netflix film The Half of It. Jeff reviews the new graphic novel from DC Comics, You Brought Me The Oceanby author Alex Sanchez and illustrator Jul’ Maroh.

Alex and Jul’ join Jeff to talk about their collaboration on You Brought Me the Ocean, including how they came to the project and what they hope readers take away from this reboot of Aqualad’s origin story. Alex and Jul’ also talk about the anniversaries of their trailblazing works: Jul’s Blue Is the Warmest Color, celebrating 10 years in 2020and Alex’s Rainbow Boys, celebrating 20 years in 2021.

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