Always You by KM Neuhold

A group of young friends, fresh out of college, decide to take part in one last tradition before going their separate ways and beginning their adult lives. Nico is nervous because he’s using the weekend trip to the lake house to finally come out to his friends. He’s especially worried how his best friend Dante will react.

A few beers and a round of poker later, Nico makes his big announcement, which his friends are all fine with. It takes a moment for Dante to wrap his head around the news, but a good talk and a near-miss kiss later, they’re able to straighten things out.

A summer storm and a leaky roof forces Dante into Nico’s bed for the night, where they admit their feelings for each other, share their first kiss, and sleep together (though there’s very little rest.)

The next morning, their friends applaud that they’ve finally done the deed and taken the leap from besties to boyfriends. Nico and Dante’s one special night has shown them what’s possible and they happily make plans for their future together.

I definitely have a soft spot for ‘nice guy’ characters and I really enjoyed the low-angst way these guys were able to be open with each other and explore new possibilities in their relationship.

This sweet/sexy new adult gay romance short is filled with feels, first times, and long held desires made real. If nice guys are your kink (like mine), you should check out Always You.