Take Me Home by Hudson Lin

Melvin isn’t grumpy (necessarily) he just likes things a certain way, like having his morning coffee at his favorite café, sitting at his favorite table.

When Lee pulls up a chair, he’s not exactly thrilled, but Lee’s enthusiasm about his new knitting hobby is kind of endearing. When Lee scoots his chair closer to demonstrate a few stitches, Melvin finds himself with feelings he hasn’t felt in a long time.

For an old-timer who’s set in his ways, Melvin is suddenly open to new possibilities. He invites Lee back to his place to rummage through some old knitting supplies his wife left behind and maybe later, they can share a meal together.

Finding gay fiction featuring older main characters is next to impossible, so this story by Hudson Lin is real treat. Take Me Home proves there’s no expiration date on love. It also demonstrates that if you occasionally step outside your comfort zone, the risk can definitely be worth the reward.