What Happens in the Spare Bedchamber Stays in the Spare Bedchamber by Rosie Ann Rammjoy

In this erotic historical short, Donall and his boyfriend Benjamin are visiting friends in Edinburgh. When everyone retires for the evening, Donall and Benjamin can hear their hosts being amorously vocal in the bedchamber next door.

Donall can’t help but become aroused and fears he might offend Benjamin’s delicate Victorian sensibilities. They love each other, but their experiences in the bedroom have been rather chaste up that point.

Surprisingly, Benjamin is feeling just as ‘inspired’ and they end up sharing a sensual night of erotic firsts. The next morning Benjamin is happier and more relaxed than Donall has ever seen him. Lucky for them, they have several more nights left in their stay.

This story is told entirely from Donall’s point of view and I really enjoyed how his primary concern was for his lover’s comfort. He was worried that Benjamin would be scandalized by the sound of their friend’s activities and later, when Benjamin lets down his wall of propriety, Donall’s priority switches to his lover’s pleasure.

What Happens in the Bedchamber… is a sweetly sensual, erotic short about a couple who are just beginning to explore the possibilities of their sexual relationship.