Talking with Debut Author Kris Jacen – BGFP episode 118

The blog tour for The Hockey Player’s Heart gets underway this week. Jeff and I will be doing Facebook Live segments on our author page starting Wednesday, January 10 and the tour starts on Friday, January 12 at Hearts on Fire.

We will also be attending the Los Angeles Times Book Festival, April 21 and 22. We’ll have much more details on what we’ll be doing there closer to the event.

Jeff reviews Shelter the Sea by Heidi Cullinan and read by Iggy Toma as well as Among the Living (PsyCop #1) by Jordan Castillo Price and read by Gomez Pugh. We also briefly talk about The Untold Tales of Armistead Maupin, which we watched on PBS this past week.

Editor turned author Kris Jacen talks about her debut book, Wait for Me, and what led her to become an author in her own right after working with writers for a decade as Editor in Chief of MLR Press. Her next book, “Explore with Me,” arrives February 9.

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New Year, New Career

Happy 2018!

There were some great things that happened last year, but let’s face facts, I don’t think anyone is truly sad to see 2017, that perpetual shitstorm of a year, to finally go.

I’m genuinely optimistic about what the new year holds, due in no small part to the fact that I’ve finally achieved a life-long dream. A book, with my name on it, will be published on January 16th. To make it even better, my name appears alongside that of my husband/co-author, Jeff Adams. We’re both really proud of The Hockey Player’s Heart, our gay take on traditional category romance tropes, and can’t wait for everyone to read it!

Happy Holidays

Wishing you and yours the very best this holiday season!

Jeff & Will –

‘Out of Uniform’ with Annabeth Albert – BGFP episode 115

Jay from Joyfully Jay discusses best of 2017 books, holiday stories (including ones with a Hanukkah setting) as well as new titles she’s been reading.

Jeff reviews A Day Makes by Mary Calmes while I review Wild Trail by A.M. Arthur, Desperately Seeking Santa by Eli Easton and Finding Home by Garett Groves.

We interview the charming and talented Annabeth Albert. She has the scoop on her latest book, Wheels Up, as well as what’s happening in her other series. Plus she talks about her author inspirations, the first gay romances she read and what’s coming in 2018.

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From ‘Love and Luck’ to ‘Top 2 BOTM’ – BGFP episode 114

Jeff and congratulate the recent winner of the Rainbow Awards, plus we discuss the recently launched Top 2 BOTM Podcast, the 12 Days Before Christmas MM Historical Fiction Blowout (which starts December 12) and the ongoing Rainbow Advent Calendar event.

Lisa from The Novel Approach talks about holiday romances from RJ Scott, the late Paul Alan Fahey’s Rainbow Award winning book as well as an advance look at her Best of 2017, including books by Soren Summers and Steve Berman.

I review In Case of Emergency by Keira Andrews, Three Under the Christmas Tree by Silvia Violet and both us talk about Needing a Little Christmas by Silvia Violet and narrated by Sean Crisden. Jeff then gives his own take on Up for the Challenge by Riley Hart & Devon McCormack, which I loved and reviewed in a previous episode.

Jeff interviews Erin Kyan, creator of the Love & Luck Podcast, about this unique romance that unfolds in a series of voice mails between Jason and Kane, two Australians who fall in love and discover they have some magic abilities.

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