Talking New Eastsiders and More Holiday Book Recs – BGFP episode 113

Jeff and I were guests on Rachael Herron’s How Do You Write? podcast, which is the first time we’ve talked about our writing journeys and collaboration.

I review The Perfect Match by Matt Burlingame. Switching to TV, we review the CW superhero crossover event Crisis on Earth X, Barbra Streisand’s Netflix concert The Music, The Mem’ries, The MagicWhere the Bears Are season six and Eastsiders season three.

Kit Williamson and John Halbach stop by to talk about Eastsiders season three with some behind the scenes scoop plus they discuss their new website, Where Gentlemen Go, and what’s coming up next for them.

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Cover Reveal: The Hockey Player’s Heart

Here it is! The cover of our category romance collaboration. Jeff and I are very proud of The Hockey Player’s Heart and can’t wait for everyone to read it. The release day is Jan. 16th 2018!

When the graphic artist was creating the cover image she sent us several different stock model photos to choose from. In the end, this model is not only handsome and athletic looking (a must for our hockey pro hero) but he embodies the kindness and warmth of our nice-guy hero Caleb Carter (no brooding bad-boys here, we’re saving that for book two).

Holiday Book Reviews and an Interview with McCormack & Hart – BGFP episode 112

On December 1st, Jeff and I reveal the cover for The Hockey Player’s Heart, the book we co-wrote, on Love Bytes Reviews. There’ll be a giveaway for people to take advantage of as well. We jointly review A Home for the Holidays by Joe Cosentino and narrated by Joel Leslie. I review Santa’s Naughty Helper by Ari McKay and Up for the Challenge by Devon McCormack and Riley HartJeff discusses, Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman as well as Wait for Me by Kris Jacen.

We sit down with Devon and Riley in an interview that was recorded at October’s GayRomLit retreat. Devon and Riley talk about how they started writing together, what’s coming up next year and much more. There’s a bonus reel with even more from the interview.

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A Visit From Charlie Cochet – BGFP episode 111

Jeff & I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving before briefly recapping our week. I offer reviews of Cowboys Don’t Ride Unicorns by Tara Lain, Vampire Claus by Robert Winter and Coming Home by Garett Groves. Jeff meanwhile talks about Hell & High Water, the first book in Charlie Cochet’s THIRDS series.

Jeff and I, along with Some of the podcast’s Patreon supporters, share books we are thankful for.

Jeff interviews Charlie Cochet to discuss this week’s release of Tried & True, the final book in the THIRDS series featuring Dex & Sloane. She also chats about the December release of The King’s Courage and what’s coming up in 2018.

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