Wonder Woman Wednesday


Photo on 3-4-15 at 9.49 AM #2

My recent parade of action figures continues with this 9″ figure depicting one of the earliest incarnations of the amazonian super heroine. She has articulated arms, a cloth skirt and golden lasso of truth accessory. Her legs can bend at the knee, but are made from the slightly sticky plastic that Barbie’s legs used to be made of. This type of plastic collects dirt/dust/fingerprints easily.

The figure originally came in a boxed “gift pack” that included the book Wonder Woman: The Golden Age. This slim tome is actually reprint of a single chapter from the larger and more comprehensive Wonder Woman: The Complete History by Les Daniels.


Photo on 3-1-15 at 3.56 PM

Today’s featured Wonder Woman is a 10″ action figure (if she came with more accessories and you could comb her hair, I’d be more inclined to call her a doll) from the early 2000’s. This large scale action figure (I have her 3 1/2 inch counterpart around here somewhere) was part of the toy line for Cartoon Network’s Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.


Photo on 2-18-15 at 8.04 AM #2

I, like many gay men of my generation, watched and loved the Wonder Woman TV show. Lynda Carter embodied strength, intelligence, beauty and a kick-ass fashion sense. My love for the iconic character has never wavered and, over the years, I’ve collected a lot of Wonder Woman ephemera. I decided to showcase my collection on what I’m calling #WonderWomanWednesday.

Today we have an articulated action figure/doll from Mattel. This was part of 2010’s Retro Action DC Superheroes line that emulated the Mego toy line of the 1970’s. As a nod to the past, the figure was also sold in a hanging cardstock package. Retro chic, yes?

Photo on 2-18-15 at 8.05 AM