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2014-graphicI know, the year’s not quite gone yet, but it’s getting close with just ten days left and it’s time to wrap up the year.

Since I actively maintain two blogs now, if you’re interested in the writing side of life you can read my wrap up on Jeff Adams Writes. There’s plenty to talk about right here as there was much going on for Will and I over the past twelve months.

First up, let’s look back at what was in the 2014 preview:

  • Cycle for the Cause was great, as usual. I had a great experience as crew and loved getting to know my navigator, Jesse. I’m already looking forward to C4C for 2015, where my plan is to return as a rider (more on that in the 2015 preview, which I’ll post next Monday).
  • I suck at eating right and working out enough. It’s mostly an eating problem. I can focus myself to get a lot of things done that I want to do, but bringing that discipline to eating correctly. I must find what will make me able to do this consistently.
  • My ability to be of service was all over the place during the year. I went to a career coach in the early part of the year and got my mind focused on some things, which was tremendously helpful. Certainly doing C4C is of service. Also with the move, which I’ll talk about more in a moment, I’m working with Redwood Curtain theatre on their board of directors as well as working on their website. This is a part of being of service as I’m using my skill set to work with a non-profit, and I love being creatively engaged with the theatre company (which is run by some really great friends).

Of course, the major happening of 2104 was moving from New York to California. It was a huge undertaking, but was a great thing to do. Life is much more peaceful here. It’s wonderful being back with our friends.  I’ve enjoyed working East Coast hours for Usablenet and having most of the afternoon to write or whatever else may need doing.

Here are my favorite things from 2014:

  • From TV: I love The Flash and Arrow. The CW really knows how to craft shows from the DC Universe. Arrow is moody and edgy while Flash is fun and mysterious. Sadly, the CW station in Eureka is SD and after watching half season of these shows like that, we’re going to wait for DVD to watch the back half of the season so we can get back to HD. Teen Wolf continued to be awesome and smart. I loved to sitcoms that bit the dust in the fall: A to Z and Selfie. Both had delightful characters and some good story telling going on. Sadly, few others seem to catch on to them. I got back into Revenge and loved binging on season three and the first half of four. Crazy stuff happens on that show and it’s fun to watch it unfold. And, of course, Big Bang Theory is the best thing ever! I probably spend way to much time watching it.
  • From Stage: We saw a lot of shows before we left NYC, and have even been back once to pick up a few more. My favorites this year included Audra McDonald in Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill (I’m thrilled to hear this is  being made, with her, for HBO), The Bridges of Madison County (a severely under appreciated musical), It’s Only A Play (hilarious from start to finish), Mothers & Sons (powerful and timely), Buyer & Cellar (a delight in every way possible), and Beautiful (deserving of every award it got). I also loved the revamped revival of Les Mis and I finally caught Once and was mesmerized by it. A local production also stood out for me. Redwood Curtain’s Equivocation was riveting. It was great to see such a stellar production happening right here in Humboldt County.

  • From books: I was way off reading this year. I find the more I write, the less I read, which is bad. Of the best books I read this year, two of my faves came from fiction and three from nonfiction. Wade Kelly’s Names Can Never Hurt Me was incredible (and her new book is great too, a review of that is coming on it’s release day of January 1). Katrina Knight’s vampire hockey players caught my complete attention in Blood on the IceThere were two books that I read to help me with my writing career: Simon Whistler’s Audiobooks for Indies and Joanna Penn’s Business for Authors were both chock full of information I’ll be using a lot in 2015. Elisa Rolle put together and amazing history of LGBT couples, one that Will and I are honored to be a part of, with Days of Love. It’s an awesome encyclopedia of LGBT couples past and present.

So that’s the look back at 2014. I’m ready to get rolling on 2015!