Quick Review: Monster Till Midnight by E.J. Russell

Monster Till Midnight by E.J. Russell

Brady’s new place is the ideal setting for a super spooky haunted house on Halloween night. He’s got the perfect costume, plenty of candy and scary décor – he even hires help to handle all the trick or treaters. But when the big night arrives, no one shows up. Even the guy from the temp agency arrives late wearing weird tactical gear.

Rej is an agent from another dimension and he’s tracked someone through time and space to Brady’s doorstep. Gorvenath has used his magic and technology to create havoc across multiple dimensions and it looks like Brady is his latest victim. That’s not just a jack o’ lantern mask he’s wearing… it’s become his actual head.

They need turn Brady back into himself and uncover any clues to Gorvenath’s whereabouts. Can a squirrel/octopus hybrid and a pile of candy corn provide the answer? And will they ever get a chance to explore their growing attraction to one another?

Monster Till Midnight delightfully combines elements of sci-fi, fantasy, comedy, and romance. Brady and Rej have a wonderfully weird meet-cute and this story hints at their possible continuing adventures. If these two ever get their own full-length book… well, sign me up, because I can’t wait to see what Brady and Raj get up to next.



Quick Review: What Happens in the Spare Bedchamber Stays in the Spare Bedchamber by Rosie Ann Rammjoy

What Happens in the Spare Bedchamber Stays in the Spare Bedchamber by Rosie Ann Rammjoy

In this erotic historical short, Donall and his boyfriend Benjamin are visiting friends in Edinburgh. When everyone retires for the evening, Donall and Benjamin can hear their hosts being amorously vocal in the bedchamber next door.

Donall can’t help but become aroused and fears he might offend Benjamin’s delicate Victorian sensibilities. They love each other, but their experiences in the bedroom have been rather chaste up that point.

Surprisingly, Benjamin is feeling just as ‘inspired’ and they end up sharing a sensual night of erotic firsts. The next morning Benjamin is happier and more relaxed than Donall has ever seen him. Lucky for them, they have several more nights left in their stay.

This story is told entirely from Donall’s point of view and I really enjoyed how his primary concern was for his lover’s comfort. He was worried that Benjamin would be scandalized by the sound of their friend’s activities and later, when Benjamin lets down his wall of propriety, Donall’s priority switches to his lover’s pleasure.

What Happens in the Bedchamber… is a sweetly sensual, erotic short about a couple who are just beginning to explore the possibilities of their sexual relationship.

Quick Review: Cabin Fervor by Jim Provenzano

Cabin Fervor by Jim Provenzano

Ernie and Jase are boyfriends and Broadway chorus boys who are out of work. In the early days of covid, they break up the monotony and anxiety of pandemic life by helping out Sam, an old friend. He urges them to get out of the city, his cabin upstate is a perfect getaway.

Rural life is big change for them. Slowly, but surely, the boys become accustomed to their small-town neighbors, and the realities of living in the middle of nowhere.

Surrounded by the forest, woodland creatures, and not much else, they find several ways to pass the time. One is by making a provocative video in which Ernie does a suggestive striptease in the snow while belting out a tune from the movie Frozen. Their viral fame as sexy online content creators is fun, but who will save them when they find a mountain lion in their kitchen one morning? An old friend perhaps?

Cabin Fervor is a great short that takes a peek at how one special couple copes with the unique struggles of staying happy and healthy during a pandemic. This story offers heart, humor, and just a touch of political commentary.

Thank you, Jim Provenzano, for this fun/sexy story of plucky resilience. Kudos to artist Dave Cantero for the cover illustration that delightfully captures Ernie’s big moment.

Quick Review: The Case of the Boy in Blue by Amanda Meuwissen

The Case of the Boy in Blue by Amanda Meuwissen

We’re all familiar with the hard-boiled cliché of a troubled dame walking into the office of world-weary private dick. In The Case of the Boy in Blue, instead of a gorgeous blonde, it’s a beautiful boy named Westley Valentine who needs Leonard Quill’s help.

He’s looking to bring Decker, the man who killed his mother and framed his father, to justice. The proof they need is in the basement of a club. That night they deal with some of Decker’s goons and get the photographic evidence they need. Back at Quill’s apartment they develop the film (discretion is important in his line of work) and spend the night in the same bed getting to know each other a little better.

Westley is gone in the morning, has Quill been played for a chump? The kid has taken the photos to the police, which means there’s now a big target on his back. He finds Westley at his ransacked place. Decker is there too. There’s a tense standoff before Roxanne, Quill’s bodyguard/receptionist, swoops in to help take down Decker and his men.

The problem is, Decker was only a small part of a vast criminal network.

Will Quill, Westley and Roxanne continue their fight for justice on these dark and gritty city streets? I sure hope so.

I really loved this short story, told in the noir style of classic detective fiction. I liked the chemistry between the two heroes and I’m dying to know more about Roxanne, the mysterious and gorgeous bad ass.

Now that Quill has solved The Case of the Boy in Blue, I hope there will be more of this intriguing trio’s adventures in crime solving.

Quick Review: Thief of Hearts by E.D. Parr

Thief of Hearts by E.D. Parr

Nice guy lawyer Blake fears he is no longer attractive because of a facial scar he received while protecting one of his clients. The window washer outside his office window sure likes what he sees. When Blake and Alex find themselves alone in an elevator, they press the stop button and have in a hot and hard quickie.

Alex is not a real window washer though. It’s a cover he’s using to case the upper floor, home to a jeweler dealing in rare gems. Alex’s life of larceny is really more of a hobby since he donates the objects he purloins to those in need. If he can have a little fun with Blake at the same time, where’s the harm in that?

A few days later, Alex puts on a sexy show for Blake outside his window. He invites Alex into his office, and they engage in a satisfying fuck in Blake’s private bathroom. They both want more and agree to see each other that later night.

Blake can’t help but wonder – why does Alex’s full name sound so familiar?

A meal and some conversation back at Blake’s house leads to more scorching hot sex. Alex spends the night. He could get used to this. He’s starting to fall for Blake, who just might be the right guy worth giving up his life of crime for.

Blake sees a magazine article that reveals real Alex’s identity. He is Alexander Ryan, the son of a famous classical pianist and a musician in his own right. Blake knew he’d heard that name before.

They’ve both fallen hard and fast. After making love that night, they plan their future together. Alex gives up his Robin Hood act, he has an amazing new man in his life to better occupy his time.

Thief of Hearts is an enjoyable short and sexy read. I liked both Blake and Alex, two men who were dedicated to helping others, each in their own way. They also both proved to be quite dedicated to giving each other multiple orgasms. These guys definitely knew how to bring the erotic heat.



Quick Review: The Light by May Archer

The Light by May Archer

Circumstances have led Mark to the quaint town of O’Leary. One afternoon, in the bakery where he picks up a few shifts, he explains to some of the locals that he once had a romance with Fran, the reclusive guy who lives in a cabin just up the mountain. Mark has stayed in town as long as he has because he’s hoped that one day, he would casually to run into the man he just can’t seem to forget.

That hasn’t happened and Mark decides that he’s going to go up there, see Fran, and finally get some sense of closure. After wrecking his car in the snow, Fran comes to his rescue. It turns out that Fran never forgot Mark either. Life events led them down two different paths, and now that they’re together again, it’s almost as if no time has passed at all. They quickly get reacquainted and make sweet love in the cozy warmth of the cabin.

The next morning, half of the town comes up the mountain with a snowplow to see if Mark is all right. He is fine. In fact, he’s better than fine, he’s precisely where he was always meant to be.

I love (like, seriously love) sweet, low-angst, small-town stories. It’s like the author somehow read my mind and whipped up the perfect gay romance just for me. Mark and Fran are two absolutely wonderful cinnamon-roll heroes who, after some time apart, were able to find their way back to each other and get the happily ever after they always deserved.

The Light is a charming, sexy/sweet, second-chance novella set in the May Archer’s Love in O’Leary series. While series characters do make an appearance, this story can be read as a stand-alone.

Warning: Mark is damn good baker. After reading this story you might start craving one of his special creations. Blueberry pancake cupcakes with maple frosting? Yes, please.