Quick Review: Take Me Home by Hudson Lin

Take Me Home by Hudson Lin

Melvin isn’t grumpy (necessarily) he just likes things a certain way, like having his morning coffee at his favorite café, sitting at his favorite table.

When Lee pulls up a chair, he’s not exactly thrilled, but Lee’s enthusiasm about his new knitting hobby is kind of endearing. When Lee scoots his chair closer to demonstrate a few stitches, Melvin finds himself with feelings he hasn’t felt in a long time.

For an old-timer who’s set in his ways, Melvin is suddenly open to new possibilities. He invites Lee back to his place to rummage through some old knitting supplies his wife left behind and maybe later, they can share a meal together.

Finding gay fiction featuring older main characters is next to impossible, so this story by Hudson Lin is real treat. Take Me Home proves there’s no expiration date on love. It also demonstrates that if you occasionally step outside your comfort zone, the risk can definitely be worth the reward.

Quick Review: One More Night by Charlie Novak

One More Night by Charlie Novak

Jack isn’t thrilled when Harry walks back into his pub. The fact is, Jack is crazy about the guy, but they have a long history on again/off again hookups that they justify as just “one more night”.

Against his better judgement, Jack agrees to go to dinner with Harry where he explains he’s in a bit of a bind. His family expect him to bring a boyfriend to his sister’s wedding, and he’s given them the impression that Jack is that boyfriend.

Harry’s relatives are snobby insufferable trash. But Harry’s a great guy, so Jack agrees to attend. They drive to the charming country B&B that most of the wedding party is staying at.

Harry’s mom is apoplectic when he shows up with Jack – how can he spend time with someone so low-class?

Actually, it’s the time he’s spent with Jack in the lead up to the wedding that makes him realize what he really wants out of life. Harry tells his family that he wants Jack, and if they have a problem with that, then they can fuck off.

Harry and Jack are finally able to admit how deeply they’ve fallen for one another and, after a passion filled night, they know that it won’t just be one more night… but every night, forever.

I loved the chemistry between Jack and Harry. There’s lots of great banter and humor between them, you can really sense the history they have together.

One More Night wonderfully combines several contemporary romance topes (friends to lovers, fake boyfriend, only one bed) into a sweet short story about  two likeable heroes finding their HEA.

Quick Review: Rear Admiral by Nathan Burgoine

Rear Admiral by Nathan Burgoine

Russ is intrigued when his friends tell him they know a former porn star and that he’ll be attending their next wine tasting get together. Curious, Russ looks up Dom Masters online and is blown away by the size of the man, so much so that he impulsively orders the Rear Admiral, a dildo molded from the star himself.

Frustrated, Russ is unable to achieve the full Dom Masters experience before the big night (though it’s not for a lack of trying).

Needless to say, the ruggedly handsome star (call me Matt) is a big hit at the party. He strikes up a conversation with Russ, the only other single guy there, and they chat about life and how Matt is in town to help his invalid mother. Russ happens to work in an assisted living facility and gives Matt a referral for a caregiver who might help.

Later at home, Russ is finally able to successfully take the full rubber replica of the man he hit it off with earlier in the evening.

Matt wants to thank Russ for the help with his mom, so he brings over some pizza and they curl up on the couch to watch a scary movie. There is definitely a spark between them, and the night is finished off with a kiss.

They make plans for another evening together, but maybe one not so chaste. Their chemistry is electric, and Russ finds himself in Matt’s bed where he rises to the challenge of Matt’s prodigious talent. It’s far better than any fantasy because the two of them together are the real deal. A happy ending indeed.

For an erotic tale about huge dildos and well-hung porn stars, I found this short story surprisingly sweet. Don’t get me wrong, it’s crazy sexy, but the way Russ and Matt meet, and converse, and hang out, is completely charming and totally down-to-earth. I liked watching these characters fall for each another, and if one of them just so happens to have an enormous dick, well… all the better.

Rear Admiral is a terrific short featuring two nice guys, a little bit of humor, and a lot of romantic heat.

Quick Review: Always You by KM Neuhold

Always You by KM Neuhold

A group of young friends, fresh out of college, decide to take part in one last tradition before going their separate ways and beginning their adult lives. Nico is nervous because he’s using the weekend trip to the lake house to finally come out to his friends. He’s especially worried how his best friend Dante will react.

A few beers and a round of poker later, Nico makes his big announcement, which his friends are all fine with. It takes a moment for Dante to wrap his head around the news, but a good talk and a near-miss kiss later, they’re able to straighten things out.

A summer storm and a leaky roof forces Dante into Nico’s bed for the night, where they admit their feelings for each other, share their first kiss, and sleep together (though there’s very little rest.)

The next morning, their friends applaud that they’ve finally done the deed and taken the leap from besties to boyfriends. Nico and Dante’s one special night has shown them what’s possible and they happily make plans for their future together.

I definitely have a soft spot for ‘nice guy’ characters and I really enjoyed the low-angst way these guys were able to be open with each other and explore new possibilities in their relationship.

This sweet/sexy new adult gay romance short is filled with feels, first times, and long held desires made real. If nice guys are your kink (like mine), you should check out Always You.

Author Riley Hart – BGFP episode 286

This week Jeff talks with author Riley Hart about three of her books: Awkward Love, which is also the February Big Gay Fiction Book Club selection, Beautiful and Terrible Thingsand the forthcoming Finding Ian. Riley shares her love of flawed characters, strong friend groups and found family, as well as what got her started writing. She’s also got some book recommendations and details on what’s coming later this year.

Remember, you can listen and subscribe to the podcast anytime at BigGayFictionPodcast.com.

Quick Review: Chew Toy by LE Franks

Chew Toy by LE Franks

When college guy Morgan inadvertently becomes the main course at a vampire orgy, he’s saved by a hunky two-thousand-year-old vamp named Marc. But to save him, Marc had to turn him.

In a remote upscale cabin, deep in the woods, Marc tries to educate his sire on his new way of life, which Morgan isn’t so sure he wants. The two of them spar verbally as he struggles through the traditional stages of grief, eventually coming to terms with his new “life”.

With acceptance comes the need for blood to complete his transformation. His desire for Marc eventually leads to a very bitey roll in the hay that makes Morgan realize an eternity spent with his sexy vampire daddy won’t be such a hardship after all.

My light-hearted recap aside, this short story does a wonderful job of mixing humor with genuine depth, primarily the emotional journey that Morgan goes through as he realizes the reality of the unique situation he finds himself in.

Chew Toy is the intruging introduction to Fang Club, LE Frank’s gay vampire romance series.